Make sure that you buy big enough tyres for your SUV

Getting the correct dimension of tyres for your larger vehicles is important as the larger tyres are better at handling the heavier loads associated with the larger vehicles. With a wider tyre and a larger contact area the weight can be dispersed over a larger area and therefore reducing the contact pressure. A larger vehicle will, like any size of vehicle, need winter tyres or tyres that are approved for winter use. So if you live in an area where you would traditionally change between summer and winter tyres, then you will have to do so also for your larger vehicle.

If your larger vehicle is a light truck, 4×4 or an SUV, you probably will need the following dimension, 265/75R16, which means that you need to look for 265/75R16 winter tyres and 265/75R16 summer tyres so that you can alternate between them between the seasons. You will need to make sure that you select premium tyres so that you get tyres that are safe and will last. They will also allow for a lower rolling resistance so that the tyre wear is lower and the fuel consumption is lower. If you have an electric or hybrid, you will be able to get further with each charge.

Proper tyre maintenance will ensure that the tyres last longer and by checking the tread depth you will know when the tyres are worn out and you need to purchase a new set of tyres.

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