Newer tyre models have a safety advantage

There are constantly new tyre models being launched and yes they do offer some advantage of previous models and add to the overall safety of the car tyres. If you look at winter tyres, there is an amazing development over the years where the tyres have improved and they have become more safe and the tyre noise has decreased for a more comfortable drive. The new non-studded tyres have improved so much that they are basically on par with the studded tyres nowadays.

If you look at for example the winter tyres Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 that recently replaced the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 are now being replaced by the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10. The new studded tyres even have a separate model for electric vehicles to ensure that the have low rolling resistance combined with a durable rubber compound. The use the double stud technology to improve the grip on varying surfaces and when cornering.

When it comes to the newly developed non-studded tyres, you have the Nokian Snowproof, which have been developed for Central European conditions. These offer a very quiet and comfortable drive in varying conditions that allow for the weather conditions that are common in those regions. You also have a high speed version named Nokian Snowproof P that allow for high speeds on the Autobahn. With each new development you will find improvements in the tread with a new design, improved sipes and an improved rubber compound.

You will also find a lot of improvements in the summer tyres that have become a lot better at preventing aquaplaning and creating a sharp reduction in the rolling resistance of the tyres so that both the wear and fuel consumption is lowered. This is also a big advantage for electric cars as you can get further with each charge and having a lower wear, which can be an issue with tyres on electric vehicles due to the higher weight and the higher torque. You always need to check if the tyres are recommended for the vehicle that you are buying them for. Also if you plan to use the tyres differently than normal driving. This can be heavy load, off-road or if you have an electric vehicle or hybrid. Special usage tends to require special tyres or at least tyres that have been developed with this in mind.

So it is always good to change to new tyres, both from safety point of view and performance. Once you go under 4 mm thread depth the performance will decrease and key properties such as grip, braking distance and prevention of aquaplaning decreases drastically. You also need to have tyres with good tread depth on all four positions, so you therefore need to change all the four tyres at the same time and not just change the ones that are below the limit. This is why it is important to always check the tread depth and change the tyres when you need to, to ensure that you rotate the tyres, have sufficient with air pressure and maintain them.

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