What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Bike


So you bought your first bike, and now you’re ready to get out on the road. Before you head out the door and head out on that first ride, read up on motorcycle insurance in Ontario so that you have a plan in place if an accident happens. By reading up on the insurance laws of each province in Canada you’ll know what kinds of coverage are covered and what you need to have in order to drive legally. No one wants to get in an accident, but knowing how much they can expect to be compensated for it will make sure you’re insured and you can relax on your first ride.

First bikes usually aren’t all that expensive, but as you get ready to ride around on your very first bike you may find that there’s a lot more going on with the motorcycle than you expected. Riding your bike on busy highways or busy roads without proper breaks is one thing, but what about riding your bike on a steep hill? You don’t want to be caught flat-footed while you’re racing down the mountain, but with all the modern technology that today’s bikes have, you should be able to have a smooth ride no matter what you do. Insurance will let you know exactly what kind of coverage you need so that you can rest assured that you won’t go blind due to your own carelessness when you’re on your very first bike.

When you first sit down on your brand new motorcycle you may feel a little awkward with the clutch in the middle of your hands, but try not to put too much pressure on the peddles. Giving too much pressure on the clutch puts too much stress on the chain and brakes, both of which are vital when you’re out on your very first bike ride. Riding on brand new tyres that are too hard can also cause problems while you’re getting used to driving your motorcycle, so don’t try it if you haven’t had time to practice on them yet. By practicing on some beginner bikes that are only a few months old, you can get a feel for the clutch and brakes of your new bike before trying out some of the bigger more powerful machinery that are waiting for you out there. It’s definitely not a good idea to try and drive your brand new bike while you’re in the process of putting it all together, so take your time and enjoy your ride!