Types of External Window Shutters You Should Know About

If you are looking for a way to improve your home’s curb appeal, you might want to try installing external window shutters

Possessing both practical and aesthetic purposes, external shutters are worthy additions to any home and are capable of boosting your property’s total value. You can also enjoy increased privacy, heat protection, and light control.


But as you browse online for new external roller shutters, you might be surprised to see different kinds. So, how do you pick the most suitable exterior window shutter? Gain better insight by learning about the many types below:

Manual and Electric Shutters

When it comes to mode of operation, window shutters may come in manual or electric units.

As the name implies, manual shutters are operated by hand. These shutters have a gear drive and winding handle to open or close them. Manual window shutters are made with fewer materials, making them highly affordable.

But if you are thinking of getting larger shutters for your windows, we highly recommend purchasing electric versions. 

Electric roller shutters are fitted with a motor that allows the user to operate them automatically using a remote. This type of shutter is faster and more efficient, perfect for fast-paced environments like industrial and commercial settings.

Integrated and Built-On Shutters

Besides operations, roller shutters are also classified based on how they are installed. For windows, we have built-on and integrated shutters.

Integrated window shutters have the windows and shutters made into a single unit. This creates a clean appearance without any components visible on the surface. When drawn, integrated shutters disappear entirely.

Built-on shutters are perhaps the most common type found in most commercial spaces. These shutters are installed on top of the windows. Despite having several parts visible on the surface, many contemporary built-on shutters are designed to have visual appeal. 

Top-Quality Exterior Shutters in Australia

Whichever exterior roller shutter you get is based on your preference. But to ensure they serve you for a long time, you should purchase them from a reputable seller. Though Rollashield is popular, there is no beating the shutters made by QLD Roller Shutters. QLD Roller Shutters offer top-grade roller shutters with up to 70% noise reduction, heat and hail resistance, and a unique locking system for Brisbane and Gold Coast homes. For enquiries, contact https://www.qldrollershutters.com.au/contact-us/.