Must-Have Accessories for Your Trailer

Investing in a trailer can be the best decision ever, especially if you constantly move cargo over long distances. While your base trailer is sufficient for the job, customising it can increase efficiency. Many trailers come with a wide variety of features and accessories to make them more user-friendly, and if you haven’t thought of getting them before, you should consider them today.


From wire harness trailer accessories to trailer toolboxes, here are some of the must-haves for your vehicle:

Harness and Straps

Often, you can’t prevent your load from moving around and bouncing during travel. These movements may damage your items, or you could lose them in the process. One way to ensure your cargo is safe is to hold them down with a harness or straps.

If you have an open-cargo trailer, tying your items with straps can prevent them from sliding side-to-side or tumbling off. There are plenty of options for trailer harnesses and straps, including tarp straps, tow ropes, and heavy-duty chains.

Trailer Cage

If you think harnesses and straps are not secure enough to hold small cargo, installing a cage can bring many benefits. Cages enclose your trailer to prevent the load from jumping off your vehicle. This is especially useful for items that straps cannot tie down, such as waste, tools, and other small objects.

Trailer cages can also transform your trailer into alternative storage. Coupled with a lock, you can temporarily store your items without having to unload them from the vehicle.


A trailer toolbox is essential for storing the tools and equipment you need to keep your trailer in shape during travels. The toolbox can also be an extra storage unit for items you need to transport. 

Look for a toolbox that is compatible with your trailer. It should be able to fit against one side of the bed and leave sufficient room for the rest of your cargo.

Trailer Lights

Do you sometimes travel at night? 

Visibility is vital to ensuring you and your cargo are safe on the road. You shouldn’t rely solely on reflectors as these are often unreliable in certain situations. One way to help other drivers and pedestrians see your trailer is by installing lights around your unit. 

Installing lights inside your enclosed trailer is also helpful when taking things out of it. This way, you won’t need a flashlight or need to probe around in the dark. You can install a taillight converter if your trailer has a battery.

Get Accessories for your Trailer

There are many more ways to upgrade your existing trailer to maximise its potential. To get the best accessories for your trailer in Australia, visit Trailers 2000 Parts to order now.