Marriage and Fiancée Visa in Australia

In Australia, many visa applications like the 482 visa in Australia and 189 visa invitation round have been granted and approved by its government for current world events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The government made favorable adjustments for people who might have difficulty processing their visas because of the current situation.


And as for couples who’ve been wanting to get married, the government made it easy for couples, too. They only need to follow specific instruction and application; here’s a run-through:


When and where must the marriage take place?

Suppose you intend to marry an Australian citizen, and both of you are in the right age (18 years old), and plan to have permanent residency in Australia; a process must be done. The Prospective Marriage Visa, also known as Subclass 300, must be secured by the couple to get married within nine months. Applying for a Subclass 300 usually takes 12-17 months and must be lodged offshore. Upon issuance of the visa, the couple can get married anytime within the given period, and the venue doe not strictly need to be in Australia.


A subclass 300 visa in Australia is a way to obtain permanent residency once the couple is already married. Subclass 300 is followed by applying for Partner subclass 820/801 visa application within nine months and should be processed onshore.



Couples also need to make sure that they have the Notice of Intended Marriage and must secure it with their officiating minister 1-18 months before the target date of the wedding. The NOIM can serve as a backup document upon request of the verifying department.


Check out this infographic to know more about securing permanent residency in Australia.

Australia Marriage and Fiancee visa-01