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What is an Asbestos Audit, and when do you need it?

Ensuring the safety of your home is among your top priorities as a property owner. If you own a relatively old building, whether commercial or residential, you might want to perform a division 6 asbestos audit as a precaution. Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral capable of causing respiratory illnesses when disturbed.

You are legally required to have a readily accessible asbestos register on-site at all times if your property is built before 31 December 2003. This is because asbestos could be used as construction materials for various building components.

So, when do you need to hire a professional for an intrusive asbestos survey? Keep reading to find out.

You are Renovating an Old Property

As mentioned earlier, you are legally required to obtain an asbestos audit if you plan to renovate or carry out construction or demolition on a building constructed before 1 January 2004. Only on 31 December 2003 did Australia declare a total ban on asbestos, so you might risk disturbing materials containing asbestos if you are working on properties built before then.

If asbestos-filled materials are damaged, they could release asbestos fibres. These fibres are hazardous to human health and may cause lung cancer or asbestosis when they cause exposed for too long.

You are Renting / Selling Old Property

Failing to perform an asbestos audit on an old house or commercial space might risk exposure to your tenants or clients. While they may not demolish or remodel any part of the property, some slightly damaged material is sufficient to put them in potential danger.

You will be held liable if your building is found to be constructed with asbestos. Before you think about renting or selling your house, hire a professional like Global Asbestos Audits to have it audited.

You are Purchasing Old Property

It can be exciting to purchase a new home or building. Buyers would commonly perform the typical property inspection to check for current integrity and damages. But many owners would forget to have the place inspected for asbestos presence, especially when buying older homes.

Don’t wait until you start getting sick; begin an asbestos audit before buying a new house as soon as possible.

Perform an Asbestos Audit Today

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