Ocean View and Ocean Front: How do They Differ?

Ocean view and beachfront are real estate words used to describe properties near the ocean. While these terms are frequently used interchangeably, they actually describe to various aspects of a property’s proximity to the water.

A property with an ocean view is one that has a view of the ocean from one or more of its rooms or outdoor areas. This means that, while the property is near the coast, it is not always on the beach. Ocean view houses may be located on a hillside or a few blocks from the shore, but they still offer a clear view of the ocean.

An oceanfront property, on the other hand, is located immediately on the beach, with no other homes between it and the ocean. An oceanfront property offers direct beach access as well as uninterrupted views of the ocean from various rooms and outdoor areas. This means that a beachfront property is more desired and often commands a greater price than an ocean view home.

In summary, an ocean view property has a view of the ocean but is not immediately on the beach, whereas an oceanfront property is right on the beach and has quick access to the water.

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