Commercial Property Insurance: Coverages A Restauranteur Should Consider

Commercial Property Insurance: Coverages A Restauranteur Should Consider

The price and the type of insurance are not the only factors you should consider when choosing what insurance to invest in. Aside from these two factors, it is also best if you would understand the coverage of different insurance. This would make your decision process more manageable. 

If you want to choose commercial property insurance as your restaurant business insurance by any chance, here are the following coverages you should consider.

Sewer Backup

If sewage backs up into your restaurant, you are going to have a massive problem on your hands. To make issues worse, a standard property policy excludes sewer backup as a danger. Make sure to purchase sewer backup coverage to protect yourself.

Business Income

If a fire or similar risk damages your restaurant’s premises and forces it to close, you could lose a considerable amount of money. Such occurrences can be avoided by acquiring business income insurance.

Utility Interruption

The majority of restaurants require electricity, gas, water, and communication connections to function. Any of these can be disrupted and cause harm to your property. It may even compel you to close your eatery. You can safeguard your company by acquiring utility interruption insurance.

Extra Expense

If a fire or another hazard damages your restaurant’s property, you may be able to continue operations while repairs are made by renting alternative equipment or transferring to a temporary location. You will need to acquire extra expense coverage to cover those additional costs.


Food stored in refrigerators may spoil if the cooling system fails or is turned off due to a power outage. By acquiring coverage for spoilage, you can protect your business from costly spoilage losses.

Equipment Breakdown

Steamers, boilers, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, and food warmers are all used in many eateries. This equipment can be harmed by a steam explosion or an electrical or mechanical failure. Equipment breakdown insurance is required to cover such harm. The latter can be expanded to include coverage for loss of income, additional expenses, and spoiling.

Electronic Data Processing

Computers are used in most restaurants to generate, store, send, and receive electronic documents. Some restaurants employ electronic table ordering systems. Since most property policies provide only limited coverage for electronic data and equipment, you should consider purchasing electronic data processing coverage.

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