How to Keep Your Diesel Engine Running in Cold Weather

Winter is fast approaching, and you have probably already begun preparing your truck for the colder weather. These 7 Diesel Maintenance Tips will keep your truck running smoothly and safely through the cold months, regardless of whether you drive a pickup truck or a commercial truck. First, make sure your battery is in good condition. Next, add an antigel fuel additive to your tank, and then change your motor oil.

Partial view of large commercial truck driving in hazardous conditions of snow and rain on a freeway.

If your diesel truck needs some maintenance, start it at low speeds. This will prevent any issues on the road. Another essential maintenance tip is to keep the engine running at a low rate. This will allow the engine’s temperature to rise before it is put on the road. Winter is a great month to keep your diesel parts engine running efficiently. These tips can help you avoid common problems in cold weather.

Test glow plugs. Glow plugs help your engine start in cold weather by heating the cylinders’ air. If the glow plugs are not functioning correctly, your truck will not run well during cold weather. Multi-meters are needed to test glow bulbs. The resistance of glow bulbs varies depending upon their age and the manufacturer. Do it before the cold weather hits.

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