Know More About Horse Race Betting

Aside from being one of the oldest and classic sports, horse racing is one of the popular sports in the betting world today. Only a few sports enthusiasts watch sporting events for the love of sports. Today, people enjoy every sports event and gamble on their winning horse and jockey to earn additional money – sports betting thrills bettors to cheer for their chosen racehorses to win the racetrack.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

If you are new to horse race betting, there are things to check on to make sure that the chosen racehorse can secure a spot to win.

  1. Age of the horse. When it is a short-distance race, you better choose a younger horse than the older one because a young horse has a greater chance to win. However, if the race is about long distances, you better look at the experience of a horse – the horse with the most experience can secure a winning spot in the race.
  2. Length of running. Make sure to check the distance of the race before placing a bet and how long it takes for the break before the race. For short-distance races, the horse should have rested at least a month before getting into the racetrack. If it is a long-distance race, a big break is optional.
  3. Weight of the jockey. In horse racing, the jockey’s weight is one of the few things you need to check on. The average weight of a jockey is 132 lbs. Other athletes exceed the average weight for balance purposes. If the jockey is lighter, it only means that he has more experience in horse racing and can have a better chance of winning.
  4. The weather. Sometimes, unexpected results happen due to changes in the forecast. The weather can affect a race in various ways because there are instances that horses cannot run well on a track due to the dirt caused by heavy rain. Therefore, clarification of the weather conditions at the racecourse is necessary before placing a bet.

Learning about horse race betting is exciting and fun. You may have to understand things you need to check before placing your bets in any horse race event.

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You may check out this infographic by 88probet to know more about horse race betting.

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