How to Remove Window Tints from Cars?

Window tints are wonderful accessories that many car owners have. It does not only protect the owners from glare and UV rays but also provides privacy and a unique style for the car. However, window films wear off regardless of their price and quality. Even if you purchased your window tint in Warner Robins, a reliable tinting company. It is advisable to remove it to avoid major accidents.

There are two major indicators that tell you when to remove or replace your tint films.

  1. This is the formation of bubbles between the tint films and the window or windshield. They do not only look unpleasant but could also interfere with your visibility when driving.
  2. This happens when non-metallic dyes break down due to too much exposure to the sun. Eventually, the shade of the tint films turns purple.

Fortunately, window tint removal can be done by yourself at home, especially when you want to address these indicators and do not have enough time for a replacement schedule. What you need is just a razor blade, dishwashing soap, soft cloth, spray bottle, water, and glass cleaner

What to do?

Make a small incision on the corner of the film layer

Using a razor blade, make a small cut on the edge of the tint. To avoid scratches, do not cut too deep on the window or windshield.

Gently peel the film off

From the corner, slowly peel the film off. Use the blade while lifting the edge of the film if the tint does not peel off in one piece.

Spray the windows with a soapy solution

In making a soapy solution, mix the dishwashing soap and water on a spray bottle. Then start spraying the parts of the window with the remaining adhesive.

Let it sit and soak

Give the adhesive enough time to soften up by letting it sit and soak. This will make the next process easier.

Scrape the remaining adhesive

In peeling the residue adhesive off, use the razor blade and scrape it gently. Always ensure that the glass is wet enough to avoid scratches. Just spray a more soapy solution once it gets dry. Repeat this process until all the adhesive is removed.

Cleanse the windows

Apply the glass cleaner or the soapy mixture on a soft cloth to cleanse the windows. To avoid scratches, avoid using ammonia-based cleaners or abrasive cleaning products.

With these simple guides, you can now prepare your car for a new tint film. If you want your tint removal and replacement to be done professionally,  specialists in window tinting Providence RI company can make the job for you perfectly.