Best Experiential Marketing Campaigns to Date

It’s not enough that you only have generic shows with the grand reveal of products or services. As a business with numerous competitors, you must set your brand apart from others by providing an immersive, memorable, and fun experiential campaign that can help you deliver your message to audiences. It helps with your brand awareness, expands cross-channel efforts, offers a way for prospects to try your brand, and leads the future generation.

To help you create the best experiential marketing campaign, we’ve gathered some of the trends that shaped the past few years Although not all of them can be applied to your product or services, you can check what gimmick makes the most sense to your brand.

Krispy Kreme: Sweet Incentive

As vaccination jabs continue worldwide, brands used their platforms to promote the importance of being protected, Doughnut chain Krispy Kreme created an event named Sweet Incentive to provide vaccinated customers free doughnuts upon providing proof.

Mondelez: 3D Oreos

Nothing is much more exciting than trying a unique take on your popular snack. Mondelez combined the classic oreo, 3D printing, and Twitter into one experiential strategy. The attendees would be able to receive different 3D printed Oreos which are determined by which flavor is trending at the time.

Stranger Things: Drive-Into Experience

Movie theaters around the world shut down in the previous year as part of safety precautions. With that, drive-in movie theaters gained resurgence in many countries. However, Netflix’s Stranger Things took it to the next level by creating an immersive drive-into experience. With the help of a talent buying agency, people acted as the popular cast of the show and created a show for audiences inside their cars.

Coca-Cola: Small World Machines

Sometimes, companies try to incorporate social issues into their brand’s experiential marketing. In 2013, Coca-Cola set out two “small world machines” in Lahore, Pakistan, and New Dehli, India in the hopes of creating virtual interaction between people in the two countries. 

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