What are the best weather conditions for all-weather tires?

all-weather tires

Since you can use all-weather tires at any time of the year since they act as winter tires during the winter and all-season tires during the summer. They are however the best for areas with unpredictable weather conditions. If you live in an area where you expect to have some winter conditions during the winter season, you have to use snow tires or winter tires. If the weather is very unpredictable and you won´t have a full winter season full of snow, you might actually not need winter tires. You might be better off using winter-approved all-weather tires.

The advantage of using all-weather tires, is that you always have tires that you can drive safely with. You don´t have to worry about rapid weather changes, which might leave you with the wrong tires mounted on your vehicle. If you would end up with all-season tires on your vehicle and you find yourself with winter conditions, you shouldn’t use your vehicle. Using your vehicle might cause danger to yourself and other people around you. Not using the vehicle might cause big problems to you, as not being able to get to work on time. This is where it might be very good to use all-weather tires.

If you instead live in an area where you expect a long winter, then you should prepare to switch to winter tires. Make sure that you then do so before the first snow arrives, so that you can continue using your vehicle, without interruption. If the first snow melts, there isn´t a problem to drive with your winter tires. It is safer to keep them on, as the snow will come back soon or later. At the end of the winter season, you will need to evaluate when you should change back to all-season tires and you will need to do it as late as possible so that you don’t have another spell of winter conditions.

All-weather tires are as mentioned perfect for areas with unstable weather conditions, where it might be difficult to have the correct tires on your vehicle and also for areas where it might not make sense to invest into winter tires as the winter season is that short, but you still need to use your vehicle all-year-round. This makes them a very convenient option.

When you use only one set of tires for the whole year, you will need to make sure that you rotate the tires, to even out any differences in wear between the front pair of tires and the rear ones. Rotation is done so that you change the position of the left front tire with the left rear one and the same on the other side. This is traditionally done when you change between all-season tires and winter tires and since you are not doing that you need to make sure that you do it at least twice per year. It is worth doing it before the winter season starts, so that the experts at the tire service station will get a good look at your tires before the winter season starts.

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