What to consider when replacing tires

205/55R16 all-season tires

What you should consider when replacing your tires.  You should consider things like recommended dimensions, climate, road conditions, what kind of driving you will be doing, your location, and if you are looking to keep one set of tires throughout the year. There are many types of tires on the market: all-weather tires, all-season tires, and winter and snow tires. Only all-weather tires and winter tires hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem, something you should think about if you live in an area with severe winter weather.

It is also essential to maintain the current size of tires on your car or SUV when replacing tires. In other words, the size of the tires that your vehicle came with are the exact dimensions you need to get when returning them. They are written on the sidewall of the tire and are also noted in the car manual that came with your car. With the proper size tires, you will be assured of the best performance and the best gas mileage. If your vehicle came equipped with 205/55R16 all-season tires, then these are the very exact dimensions you need on your replacement tires.

When getting new tires, it is always good to get tires from a reputable tire manufacturer. After all, the tires are essential, and it’s not worth taking any risks. Tires companies like Nokian Tyres are a Finish tire manufacturer dedicated to creating products for safe driving in challenging situations. With safety and sustainability being of utmost importance. In addition, this company has more environmentally friendly tires through better materials and processes. They are eliminating harmful oils in their tire compounds and reducing CO2 emissions in their production process by 20 percent.  They have lowered the rolling resistance in their whole line-up of tires, which means carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, making the car more fuel-efficient.

As an example, the Nokian zLine all-season tires offer high-end performance while still allowing for an environmentally responsible driving experience. These tires can also be used for electric and hybrid cars, where their low rolling resistance lets you get the most out of your hybrid or electric vehicle. Equally important is to keep adequately inflated tires as this further reduces rolling resistance.  These tires have the new “Dynamic traction boost tread compound” that will allow for increased wet grip while having excellent wear resistance with the added silica compound adapting to changes in temperatures so you can stay safe in all seasons.

When changing your tires, ensure that you change all four tires at the same time, as this allows all four tires to wear down equally. However, the front tires will wear down slightly faster than the rear tires with a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Another thing to consider when replacing tires is if you need tires with the “Three peak mountain snowflake” that are regarded as severe snow service rated, you could either put all-weather tires on your car or change into winter tires in the winter.

For more information regarding how to choose tires, visit: https://www.nokiantires.com/