How Boost Leaks Affect Your Power and Economy

All About Boost Leaks is a rather extensive and comprehensive car review of all the different makes and models of turbo hoses. The author has tracked and tested every model that has ever been manufactured and has written up his findings into a comprehensive guide for owners of all makes and models. This is not a mainstream repair manual like many are; instead, this is an All About Boost Leaks critique of all the different turbo hoses you can find. This is a handy tool to have and will help any owner restore their turbo system without too much trouble.

If you are going to use an aftermarket turbo hose, make sure it is leak-free. It is widespread for aftermarket tubes to become loose and not fit back into their mounts. Aftermarket tubes are often made of materials that will bend or break easily under stress, and this causes leaks. All About Boost Leaks has done its research and will inform you of what materials you should use and which will not cause leaks. There are many different aftermarket turbo hoses, so you need to research your car before purchasing anyone.

Aftermarket tubes are designed to fit into a specific location on the turbo system and then expand when hot water is supplied through them. Depending on the quality of the tube, they will leak water at a rate of about 4 gallons per minute. This means that even a leaky turbo hose will quickly deplete its water supply if it becomes wet or damaged. When you first notice the leak, it will be a bit spottier than usual, but as it dries and heats, the leak will become more noticeable. As a result, this is a straightforward leak to repair as all you need to do is remove the damaged portion of the hose and re-fit it.

Boost hoses and turbochargers are not waterproof. They can be used in hot and humid environments, but they are designed to dissipate heat away from the engine and its components and not absorb water, which will increase the risk of water damage.

For more information about boost leaks, check out this infographic. by Pure Diesel Power, the supreme company for diesel parts and performance.

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