Know when to change to new car tires

all-season tires

From the day you have new tires on your vehicles, it is important to track the tread depth and how it decreases over time. It is advisable to measure the tire’s tread depth on a regular basis. Initially, you will not check it as often, maybe every six months, but then maybe every 3rd month until you can start to predict when they will be worn out. It is also important to track differences between the front tires and the rear tires. If you detect a significant difference in the between the wear on the rear and front tires, you should rotate the tires by changing the place of the tires so that the difference can be eliminated. This is what is referred to as tire rotation. If you use two sets of tires during the year by using all-season tires and winter tires, it is natural to do the rotation when you change tires.

If you use the same tire during the whole year, then you will need to manage the rotation by tracking the wear through the tread depth and change when the difference is between 5/64 inches. If you have an electric or hybrid car, the tire wear will be higher due to the higher torque. This means that it might not be enough to rotate every 6-month, especially if you drive a lot. So, it is even more important that you monitor the wear. Special tires should be used for these vehicles that have higher wear resistance.

Other factors can impact the wear of the tires; one is the tire pressure, where tires with a low pressure increase the rolling resistance. This leads to increases the tire wear. It also causes the vehicle to consume more fuel when you drive. This is important to check when you stop at a petrol station for fuel. Cheap tires will also wear faster due to their inherent higher rolling resistance. This means that the initially cheap tires will wear out faster and cause your vehicle to consume more fuel.  So, this is not a good equation and will end up costing you more money at the same time as you are driving with less safe tires. Therefore, you need to make sure that you invest in high-quality premium tires.

Tread depth is very important as that ensures that you have good grip when you drive. The prevention of hydroplaning also relies heavily on the tread depth as the water will both be stored and transported via the grooves. Most tires today will have some sort of driving safety indicator which allows you to easily see the remaining tread depth based on numbers that will reveal how much remains. Other ways to measure the depth of the grooves by using a coin that you insert into the grooves or then you purchase a proper tyre depth gauge from a car supplies store on purchase it online.

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