Driving in the summer-what to consider

All-weather tires

When driving in the summer, you need to make sure you hit the road with proper tires. This is because the conditions in the summer with the heat and sudden rain showers can increase the risk of accidents. The heat can lead to blowouts, and unexpected rain showers can cause hydroplaning.  With more people on the road in the summertime, the risk of accidents also increases. Equipping your car with good quality tires and keeping them well maintained is something that can be done to improve your safety as well as for your family.  Therefore, the vehicle must be equipped with good quality car tires that are in good condition.

Both all-weather tires and all-season tires are adapted for use in the summer. The Nokian Tyres One all-season tires, for example, have many features allowing for proper dispersion of rain to help protect against hydroplaning as well as being made up of special rubber compounds that can handle the heat. They also offer advantages such as superior grip, smooth driving, and low rolling resistance to allow for optimal fuel efficiency. They also provide Pothole protection with the sidewalls now being enforced with the Aramid Sidewall technology making them virtually puncture-proof. The Nokian Tyres One all-season tires are also available for SUVs.

The Nokian Nordman Solstice all-weather tires are also great for summer use while being able to be used all year round, even in areas with snow and ice. They offer excellent handling on all road surfaces while remaining a low rolling resistant tire to help you save on fuel costs. Their specific tread pattern allows for better prevention of hydroplaning both with wet and slushy roads. With special rubber compounds that handle a wide range of temperatures. They also offer a quiet ride with their new silent groove technology.

Other things to think about to stay safe in the summer are to keep the tires properly inflated and take some precautions before heading out on a road trip. When heading out in hot weather, it is good to start your drive with a cool car which can be achieved by either parking the car in the garage or at very least in the shade. Keeping adequately inflated tires that are well maintained will also ensure against blowouts, which can be a risk in hot weather.

When shopping for tires that can be used in the summer, you should know that both all-weather tires and all-season tires are adapted to be used in the summer. Before heading out on a road trip in the summer, it is advised to ensure that all fluids are topped off to not overheat the car due to a lack of radiator fluid or missing oil.  It is also essential to carry some emergency supplies as well as some drinking water. It is also a good idea to bring a gas can in case you run out of gas.

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