Is Your Diesel Engine Truck Ready for Summer?

It is anticipated that this summer season, the road will be filled with private vehicles looking for beaches and trucks full of products to be transported. However, this also means that the pollution rate will rapidly increase due to harmful diesel engine chemicals. Good thing, biodiesels are now available in the market.

Biodiesel is naturally processed and is obtained from petroleum diesel. If you consider that petroleum diesel is a petroleum product derived from crude oil, you can easily see how difficult and expensive it is to obtain. Also, as it is a petroleum product, it undergoes processing which involves removing impurities, refining it, distilling, and cleaning before being used as fuel. This means that it will have to be stored in a vast tank or pipeline until it is ready to be used, and if this tank or pipeline is damaged or flooded, then biodiesel fuel will not work.

On the other hand, soy and vegetable oils are obtained from soybeans, and these oils undergo less intensive processing. Since they are derived from plant oils, they experience a much shorter processing stage before they reach the stage of use as biodiesel fuel. These oils are also readily available at almost any supermarket in the country, and they cost much less than the other types of oils used as fuel. Even though these two types of lube are derived from plants, they are still very different from petroleum and cannot be used interchangeably.

Biodiesel is a fuel that is made from renewable resources. As mentioned earlier, it comes from plant sources and is a natural process. Using this type of fuel you help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because you are replacing the emissions from fossil fuels with those from natural and renewable resources. Furthermore, you are not putting off the exhaustion of fossil fuels and thereby helping to ensure that the world does not suffer from the harmful effects of global warming. In addition to this, you will contribute to economic security for your family by ensuring that your children continue to have access to fuel for their vehicles.

Get to know more about what biodiesel is as you read further from the infographic below.