How to Select a Capable Structural Engineer

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that their building is structurally sound and conforms to relevant laws and regulations in New Jersey. Therefore, selecting a capable structural engineer becomes paramount in the process.

Whether they have a residential property, commercial complex, or industrial infrastructure, property owners must ensure that their structural engineer is well-qualified to determine the safety and reliability of their building.

Still, choosing the right structural engineer can be a daunting process, especially if the owners do not know what they need for the job. There are many aspects to think about in the selection process to ensure that property owners will hire the correct person instead of someone with inadequate or no experience in structural inspection.

Among the factors to consider when selecting a NJ Structural Engineer is their credentials. Hiring an engineer with both a professional engineering license and an additional structural engineering certification ensures that you work with someone who possesses advanced skills, knowledge, and experience in the industry.

Moreover, since professional engineers are often well-experienced with various techniques and technologies, they might be more capable of addressing specific structural issues. For example, if the building has historical or architectural significance, it is ideal to hire an engineer who knows how to perform non-invasive structural testing.

In addition, a capable structural engineer New Jersey should also offer an extensive scope of services to cater to their clients’ varying demands. Ideally, their work scope should cover identifying construction materials and evaluating their condition, checking for building code compliance, reviewing and inspecting the structural design, and determining structural deficiencies in the building.

A professional engineer can provide valuable insights to help the owners make the right decisions, saving time and money for their projects. For more information on selecting a capable structural engineer, see the infographic below provided by Lockatong Engineering.