Premium tires for light trucks and vans

Nokian Tyres One HT

If you own a light truck, a so-called pickup truck, or a van, you will need to make sure that you purchase tires that are compatible and handle the higher loads of the vehicle and the load you might transport. When choosing van all-season tires, make sure that you choose tires that are good for either lighter loads or passenger transport or heavier loads used by transport or delivery trucks. Van and light truck tires tend to have sidewalls that are aramid-reinforced to make them more durable. This reduces breakdowns and ensures less downtime even if you hit a curb or sharp stones. This is critical if you are using your vehicle for business purposes, but you want to avoid having costly breakdowns and repairs even for private drivers.

Nokian Tires have three tires for this segment; one is the Nokian cLine Van, Nokian cLine Cargo, or the new Nokian Tyres One HT; they all have aramid-reinforced sidewalls, excellent wet grip, and hydroplaning properties while exhibiting low wear. In some countries, you have the Nokian Hakka C2; this tire is developed for the Nordic conditions with its challenging summers. Nokian Tires is well known for producing tires for challenging conditions where durability is of utter importance.

You want to avoid downtime as it impacts your productivity, which is a key performance indicator for businesses, and private use, you want to use your vehicle when you need it. Cheaper tires often lead to a higher lifetime cost due to costly breakdowns that lead to costly downtime. You need to ensure that your vehicles can operate to allow for long service hours, to lower your cost by increasing your fixed cost investment.

Nokian Tyres have a range of tires that have low rolling resistance and are wear-resistant. Thus they last longer and consume less fuel while utilizing your vehicles. Nokian Tyres have a long history of supplying tires for heavy trucks and were the first to introduce winter tires back in the 1930s. They know what tough conditions are from the harsh winter conditions in the Nordics and have the experience of developing and manufacturing premium tires.

When you carry heavy loads, you must check the inflation pressure to have the recommended pressure in the tires. Low tire pressure can damage the tires’ sidewalls and lead to higher fuel costs, which can be costly in the long run. Replacing damaged tires can be very costly and should be avoided by frequent checks. Suddenly, sudden weather changes impact the pressure; therefore, it is important to check the pressure when there have been big temperature swings.

Vans and light truck tires don’t differ much from passenger car tires, but they are not interchangeable. You need to make sure that you select tires designed for the vehicle in question to ensure optimal performance. You also need to make sure that the dimension is the correct one to fit your vehicle. Ask your tire service station if you aren’t sure.

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