The importance of rotating your SUV all-season and all-weather tires

SUV all-weather tires

Rotation of tires is done to ensure that the same wear on every tire. If you use the same set during the whole year, then you need to make sure that you rotate them to even out differences in wear. Since you are not alternating with winter tires, there is no automatic timing for the rotation.  With SUV all-weather tires, you will ill most likely use the same set all year round. Since all-weather tires can handle all the weather conditions, if they are approved for winter conditions, you can use them also in winter conditions. You need to complement them with all-season tires with winter tires if you plan to drive during the summer.

When you have a different grip between the front axle and the rear axle, your vehicle will not behave as expected. It will over-or understeer due to differences in grip. By rotating the position of the tires, you even out the differences. The rotation should be done when there is a 5/64 inches difference between the front and rear tire.

Rotation is done by changing the position of the front right tire to the rear right tire. This should be done at least 1-2 times per year, depending on how much you drive and more often if you have an electric vehicle. Checking tread depth is easy and can be done while you check the tire pressure. Inspection of the condition of the tires should be done at least every month.

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