You might still have heavy storms in North America during early spring

All-season tires

Winter can cause a lot of havoc in the traffic, with a lot of traffic accidents. When people decide to drive their vehicles regardless of what tires they have on them, there can easily be problems if there is snow and ice. When you drive in winter conditions all vehicles need to have tires that are designed for winter conditions. If they have the sever service symbol or mountain snowflake symbol, they have been tested and approved for winter conditions and these are the tires that you should use if you want to drive in winter conditions.

You can use winter tires or a so-called snow tires, but you can also use all-weather tires that are winter approved. These tires are good enough to keep you safe regardless of what the weather forecast there is. Winter tires might do a bit better job at keeping you perfectly safe, but the all-weather tires will be safe enough and miles better than trying to drive through a snowstorm with all-season tires that are not approved for winter conditions.

Since most Americans can’t live without a car, you need to have the right tires on your vehicle so that you can use it. You might therefore want to wait a bit before you change back from your winter tires to your all-season tires as you might till have some snowstorms showing up in March and April. So you might be safer to wait a bit with the tire change.

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