You might need to keep the winter tyres on longer on your SUV

Since you always need to have winter tyres on your larger vehicles, you will of course also need it for your SUV. One of the main reasons is that the heavier vehicles will need to have more and better traction to accelerate, but also to be able to stop and stay safely on the road. If you try to drive with an SUV that has SUV summer tyres instead of SUV winter tyres, you will not have very much grip if any. The braking distance can be extremely long and it can easily lead to accidents.

This is the main reason why it is good to wait a bit longer before you change back to summer tyres, so that you ensure that the winter weather won’t return. Returning winter weather should make you look into other options of transportation as you shouldn’t be driving any vehicle that doesn’t have tyres that are approved for winter conditions.

Driving an SUV that is heavy down a steep slope can be very disastrous as you won’t have sufficient grip to brake or stay on the road. If you are so dependent on your SUV and can’t find alternative transportation if needed then it is always better to wait with the change to summer tyres until it is quite sure that the winter weather won’t return. It doesn’t make much sense to wait too long, but also it doesn’t make sense to change too early.

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