Choosing summer and winter tyres for electric cars or hybrids

When choosing tyres for hybrid and electrical cars you should take into consideration the differences between the hybrid and electrical cars versus combustion engine cars. The main difference between hybrid and combustion engine cars is that hybrid cars are propelled by a combination of a gasoline-powered engine and an electric motor. This very technologically advanced system uses computerized controls to enable hybrid vehicles to continually switch between the gasoline and electrical engine, along with maintaining battery charge along with many other complex tasks. The batteries are what make the hybrid cars heavier than regular combustion engine cars and it is something to take into considerations when buying tyres for them.

You also need to take into account the difference between summer and winter tyres, where winter tyres are optimized for warm conditions and dry or wet roads, while winter tyres are designed for low temperatures and slippery surfaces such as snow, ice and slush. So the rubber compound has to ensure that the tyres will remain soft and flexible even at low temperatures and the tread design has to ensure that you have good grip on winter surfaces and that the grooves can handle snow and slush. Since the tyres are optimized for winter conditions, they will need to be paired with a set of summer tyres for once the winter season comes to an end.

If you are looking into winter tyres for electric of hybrid cars it is important to look for tyres that have good grip and traction to allow for proper braking while remaining fuel efficient, after all most people buying hybrid are looking for an environmentally responsible driving experience. You will need to check if the tyres are recommended for use on electrical vehicles. When it comes to summer tyres are a great choice especially for hybrid and electrical cars. This is because they are made with low rolling resistance providing a decrease in the amount of energy needed for each journey thereby allowing the hybrid or electrical car to go further. This will allow electric vehicles to travel further on each charge, so that you don’t run out of electricity along the way and hybrids to use less fuel.

If looking for all-weather tyres, them make sure that they come recommended for hybrid and electric cars  with new innovations ensuring performance in snow storms, heavy rain or hot asphalt while remaining an eco-friendly tyre that helps safe on fuel.  All these features make these premium summer tyres apt to handle almost any driving surface and provides ultimate protection against hydroplaning.

The Nokian Tyres tyre manufacturing company make tyres to minimize rolling resistance as four to eleven percent of a car’s fuel is used up providing the energy to propel the tyres along the road aka rolling resistance. No matter which tyres you choose for your hybrid car you should know that the Nokian Tyres tyre company has reduced rolling resistance in their whole range of tyres.

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