High-quality tires can actually save you money

All-season tires

When choosing car tires, it can be easy to think that you can save some some money when buying tires as you see no real difference between the different tires or understand the meaning of the tires. This can be a very costly mistake. You also need to make sure that you have winter tires or tires that are approved for winter use if you plan to drive in winter conditions, during the summer season you can use all-season tires.

When you visit a tire shop with a wide range of tires on sale, you will see everything from cheap tires to tires at a higher prices. If you do not know much about tires, it would make sense to take a set of cheap tires. You probably think it will save money; but this is often not the case. It is often a very bad decision from both a cost perspective and from safety. Don’t be fooled by the lower initial costs, as you need to look at the total lifetime cost.

Cheap tires tend to be a more expensive decision from a cost perspective when it comes to rolling resistance tending to be higher. Higher rolling resistance leads to higher tire wear and higher fuel costs. So this actually means you have to buy new tires more often, which is costly. Then you have the fact that you will spend more money on fuel for the same distance.

Finally, you have the safety aspect that you end up with a tire with worse safety performance. This can be very dangerous during the winter, when the snow and ice already make driving difficult enough with good tires. So the wise choice is always to make sure you buy premium summer tires and choose the right winter tires. Remember that a car accident, even if it is a small accident, can be very expensive.

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